Polymer Specialties is a focused recruiting firm serving the Polyurethane, Adhesives and Coatings industries. For more than 25 years we have placed company presidents, plant managers, R&D Directors, research chemists, marketing and sales professionals within this niche market. We know these industries and have relationships throughout the country with top people in each area. 

Core Values: Our goal at Polymer Specialties is always to be grounded in the Christian values of humility, honesty, integrity, respect, and kindness…..so that companies and candidates can trust us to be motivated for their best interest to do what is right, no matter the cost. The task of finding the right person for each unique company/position demands a Trust-Based relationship between all involved. Our motto: Trust Based Recruiting.

Through listening, asking questions, and helping you prioritize; our goal is to become a trusted partner.

Mark is a Northwestern University graduate with more than 25 years experience recruiting in the polymer industry. He has a database of people with polyurethane and epoxy experience. He is accustomed to working targeted recruiting assignments and sourcing employees from specific companies. Mark is sufficiently confident in the people he provides that he offers a six month free replacement guarantee. He has recruited for companies throughout North America and Europe.

In the last 10 years Mark's placements have included president, sales engineer, R&D chemist and plant manager. Whether you are seeking to fill a critical position or just want to test the job market to see what's out there, Mark would love to hear from you.


Throughout David's professional life--as a PhD psychologist in private practice, as an Executive Director with Habitat for Humanity, or as an Operations Manager in industry—there have been consistent themes guiding how he works.

Listening and assessing: It is critical to focus intently on what people need, what barriers they face, and what resources they have before effective solutions can be discovered.

Building mutually advantageous relationships: Everyone must win for solutions to be long lasting and sustainable. Finding a ‘good match’ between people is more important than making a sale.

Guided by values: Respect, honesty, integrity, service, faith…must consistently form the foundation of all aspects of life, personal and professional.

These themes continue to guide David as he focuses on finding the right match between companies and candidates within the polyurethane and adhesive industries.

Why choose Polymer Specialties for Your Recruiting Needs?

  • We know your industry…for more than 25 years connected to people in Polyurethane, Adhesives and Coatings. A database of over 7000 industry professionals. We regularly attend industry Seminars and Conventions to remain in-touch.
  • We will get to know you…your company has a culture, history and strategic plan which are unique and we take the time to know exactly what you need before we start. For most companies we will visit you on-site because this is so important.
  • We have a Process…with each position we are disciplined to follow a thorough process which has proven effective over the years. There are no shortcuts. (See flow chart of process here)
  • We are driven by our values…we are committed to the Christian values of humility (if we are wrong, we admit it), honesty (we will tell you all we know, even if it means losing a deal), and service (we will do what is best for your company, even if we do not benefit). We will earn your trust.
  • We give you less….our screening process is so complete that we only send you people who meet what you need, that means less resumes to review and interviews to conduct. With many of our clients, we will only send 3 candidates and one will be hired.
  • To find your next candidate….email Mark or give him a call at 574-236-2839.
Some companies who have trusted Polymer Specialties

Polymer Specialties recruited eight professionals with Sulzer Mixpac in sales and marketing, technical, and operations. All are still with us with two promoted to management positions. Because of Polymer Specialties’ professionalism, integrity, and resourcefulness, I encourage you to use Polymer Specialties for your recruiting needs.
Richard Wilson | General Manager | Sulzer Mixpac


When Johnson Controls needed a Process Manager for our polyurethane seating operation, Mark suggested a plant visit to gather enough information so that he could accurately and positively represent the opportunity we had to offer.

The person we hired through Polymer Specialties started contributing almost immediately. Polymer Specialties did not waste our time. I would readily use Polymer Specialties, Inc. for future hiring needs.

Dave Johnson | Plant Manager | Johnson Controls

Mark Timler and Polymer Specialties are a great source of talent for the polyurethane industry. When we needed a Plant Manager and Quality Engineer, Mark Timler began by scheduling a plant visit to gain a thorough understanding of our situation. He did not overwhelm us with too many candidates or unqualified candidates. Both positions are now filled and morale in the plant is on its way up.

I encourage you to contact Mark at Polymer Specialties, Inc. for your polyurethane recruiting needs.

Connie Messer/Former HR Manager/Lear Corporation/HR Manager - Bush Hog, Inc.

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Some companies who have trusted Polymer Specialties

Our Commitment to You as a Candidate

We know that finding the right employment is one of the most important and most stressful decisions in life. It is critical that you can trust those who help you in this process. If we agree to work together, here is what you can expect from Polymer Specialties.

  • We will get to know you….we take the time to help you clarify what type of situation would be best for you and your family. We will nudge you to set priorities in your search so that this will be a lasting and fulfilling career move.
  • We will open doors for you…with more than 25 years in your industry, we have contacts at all levels and we will use them to find you a good fitting position. Our relationships will be yours.
  • We will be honest….what we know about our client-companies, you will know. We will not play games with you or send you to companies where you would not fit.
  • We will communicate…at every step we will keep you informed about the process and regularly update you on where you stand.
  • We will coach you…all our resources will be at your disposal to help in resume writing, interview preparation, company research, and contract negotiation. You will not be alone.
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